Digital Video Securuty Solutions for FEET WET Applications  
    Rugged High Resolution Digital Video Recorder for Feet Wet Applications


Designed for top side applications, the Viperfish® MSX is a high performance shock and vibration proof digital recorder that converts analog video to digital format. It records high resolution video (720 x 486 pixels), at full-speed 30 frames per second with zero latency.

Key Features & Benefits

• High Resolution 720 X 486
• Full-Speed 30 Frames Per Second
• Zero Latency
• Extract Still Images
• Record and View Simultaneously
• Alarm Verification
• LCD Screen for Easy Video Management
• Shock and Vibration Tested
• Embedded Operating System for Maximum Reliability
• Removable Hard Drive
• FREE Software Upgrades




• Coast Guard
• Commercial Diving
• Conservation and Protection
• Homeland Security
• Law Enforcement
• Military
• Oil & Gas
• Port Security
• Research & Exploration
• Search & Rescue

vfmsx.pdf (387 KB)
Video Clips
Windows Media Video 2.2 MB 640x480
QuickTime Movie 1.6 MB 320x240
Viperfish® MSX™ video sample - land
Windows Media Video 1.4 MB 640x480
QuickTime Movie 1.9 MB 320x240
Viperfish® MSX™ video sample - water










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