Digital Video Securuty Solutions for FEET WET Applications  

The Underwater Deployment Unit (UDU) is primarily designed to locate, detect and communicate to threats underwater including searching ships hulls for anomalies and IEDS.

The UDU remains the most unique sub surface tool for the modern dive team for port defense, inspections, search and rescue/recovery and security. Conventional sonar systems that are static must remain in one position. These types of sonar’s have a great detection range but are limited by their inability to become mobile to track the threat like the UDU.

The UDU is mounted to a pan & tilt motor that is attached to a pole which can be mounted to the side of any vessel. The sonar data is transmitted to the control center and analyzed with a high powered, touch screen computer to allow the operator greater flexibility. No matter the current, the vessel can maintain position and the sonar head can rotate in a 360° area while grazing the target by angling in a downward scope to 90°. The visualization would be like taking your hand and holding it out straight in front of you horizontally and then angling your hand downward to 90° and being able to spin it around completely 360°. This is further demonstrated at night by using a flashlight and narrowing the beam and sweeping an area looking for your car keys in a dark room. You would be looking for the return or reflection of the shiniest objects that match the size and shape of your keys.

The imagery from the UDU’s sonar is comparable to ultrasound showing clearly the diver, ship, car, plane or other anomalies on the hull of a ship. This ultrasound like imagery can be painted in a variety of colors, while the brightness and contrast can be controlled allowing for the operators optimal preferences. Most static systems require extensive training to decipher the sonar image whereas, the UDU is simple to use because the imagery can be identified by any user.

Ultimately, selecting a sub surface tool to protect your port or desalination port or any facility requires testing and confidence in your purchase. Support to the end user enhanced with on the ground training is naturally a part of this type of project. Enjoy the experience of Deep Development Corp from its industry experienced marine personnel to its Systems Specialists.  We are standing by to assist you. In today’s security market sitting still or relying solely on static systems means that you are on the defensive and are not mobile to meet the threat head on and arrest it. The enemy is banking on the fact that you only have that type of defense. Be the hunter and keep your adversary on the run because the best defense is a strong offense.


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