Digital Video Securuty Solutions for FEET WET Applications  
   Rugged High Resolution Digital Video Recorder

Record high resolution video at depths up to 1000 feet on a rugged digital platform. Clear, real-time, full-speed, non-multiplexed video is recorded to a rugged hard drive.

This battery operated submersible digital recorder is power self sufficient providing flexibility and reliability for all your underwater recording needs. It converts analog video to digital format storing it at 720 X 480 frames full speed 30 FPS.

Key Features & Benefits

• High Resolution Recording to depths up to 1000'
• 1 Video Input (single channel)
• High Resolution 720 X 486
• Full Speed 30 Frames Per Second
• Light weight - weighs less than 5 pounds
• Clear Crisp Non-Jerky Non-
• Multiplexed Video
• Scalable to 640 X 480
• Large 80 GB hard drive
• Shock and vibration tested
• Smart Flag Alarm Verification
• Smart LCD - group images for
• Archiving or emailing
• Hydrophone Input/Output

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Viperfish® Deep video sample
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