Digital Video Securuty Solutions for FEET WET Applications  

This compact lightweight video system can be mounted on a Thule™ roof rack and has been tested in wind and rain at up to 100 mph. It is available in either NTSC or PAL format. There are many applications for the OPTIIV such as Patrol Vehicles, Reconnaissance and Heavy Support Vehicles. For OEM customers, Deep Development Corp. offers engineering change revisions to best support client solutions.

Key Features & Benefits

• Unique Mobility Supports a Wide Array of Applications.
• Joystick Allows Easy Control of the Camera.
• 5.5" Video Monitor Provides Display of Camera View.
• Color / NIR Video Imaging Modes.
• 25x Optical / 12x Digital Zoom.
• Solid Cast Aluminum Housing for Harsh Environments.
• Built-In Image Stabalization
• Compact and Lightweight.
• OPTIIV™ Fits into Thule™ Roof Rack.
• Pressurized Nitrogen Eliminates Fogging of Camera Lens

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Video Clip
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Viperfish® OptiIV video sample




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