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Deep Development Corp Announces the Immediate Availability of the Viperfish® Underwater Deployment Unit (UDU™) Utilizing High Resolution Imaging Sonar.

December 4, 2006 - Vancouver, BC, Deep Development Corp today announces the availability of the UDU™, Underwater Deployment Unit.   The UDU™ provides high definition sonar imagery in a rapidly deployable fully integrated package.  With a range of 450 feet the UDU™ provides sonar imagery similar to that of medical ultrasound equipment allowing an untrained operator to easily interpret the image.  An optional underwater hailing system is also available that allows for one way communication with a diver or underwater threat.


Under $70,000 USD, the UDU™ is a fully integrated, turnkey sonar designed for use in underwater security operations, dive monitoring, search & recovery, inspection and subsurface biological research.  Included are all the necessary components for mounting the sonar head, cabling, interface connections, and tablet PC to view and process the sonar data.  Available in two configurations, the UDU™ can be permanently mounted to a surface vessel or packaged in a portable hard case so it can be easily transported by a single person.

“Conventional static sonar systems must remain in one position. These types of sonar’s have a great detection range but are limited by their inability to be mobile and track a threat or inspect an object of interest.  The sonar and pan & tilt motor are attached to a pole which can be mounted to the side of any vessel and easily stowed for travel and deployed for operations.  The sonar data is transmitted to the control center and analyzed with a touch screen computer to allow the operator greater flexibility. No matter the current, the vessel can maintain position and the sonar head can rotate in a 360° area with a downward scope to 90°” said Tim MacFarlane, Managing Director, DDC. 

The UDU™ will be demonstrated at the Undersea Defense Technology Show (UDT) in San Diego, California on December 6th to 8th at Booth # 74.

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Deep Development Corporation (DDC), a division of  Gatekeeper Systems Inc,  markets real-time digital video surveillance solutions for all feet wet security applications including aerospace, marine, oil and gas, sub-sea, and military markets.  DDC’s Viperfish® Digital Video Recorders provide high resolution, non-multiplexed video on rugged, shock and vibration tested platforms.


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