Digital Video Securuty Solutions for FEET WET Applications  
    High Altitude, High Resolution Digital Video Recorder For Airborne Applications


The Viperfish® Air Spec Xtreme (ASX) -When the operation is about bringing back sensitive information, no matter what the elements or the environments, the data must survive. Whether you are cruising at 25,000 feet or slamming it down close to the deck the ASX will perform with digital accuracy, collecting all the data you've programmed it to do, leaving you completely focused on your mission.

Key Features & Benefits

• Rated to 25,000 ft Altitude
• High Resolution 720 x 486
• Full Speed 30 Frames Per Second
• Zero Latency
• Extract Still Images
• Record and View Simultaneously
• Critical Event Marking
• LCD Screen for Easy Video Management
• Shock & Vibration Tested
• Embedded Operating System for Maximum Reliability
• Removable Hard Drive
• Free Software Upgrades



• Aerial Surveillance
• Border Integrity
• Coastal Patrol
• Coastal & Off-Shore Science
• Customs
• Homeland Security
• Law Enforcement
• Military
• Oil & Gas Surveyors
• Search and Rescue


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